Welcome one and all!

We are happy to back and doing are thing in the North Country!   We do have  strict COVID-19 regulations in place, we have some housekeeping items that we would like to share ahead of your visit.

  1. With limited occupancy, we are currently operating on a RESERVATIONS ONLY basis. Please call ahead to secure your requested date and time.  (315)-268-1844
  2. Please remember, wearing a mask is required at ALL times unless you are seated at your table. *If you get up, Mask up*
  3. Call upon arrival from the parking lot to check-in for your reservation.

Thank you in advance for adhering to these policies so we can stay open and serve you!


CALL AHEAD YOUR ORDER:  (315)-268-1844

Dear Friends of 1844:

We have been getting many calls/texts/emails/messages wanting to know what is happening with 1844 House. We want to take a moment to put everyone’s mind at ease.

The short answer is, we are NOT closing. We are simply going through a transition period. We have always planned to have a 2nd chapter to our careers in South West Florida when our kids left home. A great opportunity has been offered to us that unexpectedly moved our plans up a couple of years.
Brian has taken a position as General Manager of The Captiva Island Yacht Club in Florida. We have purchased our dream home in Ft. Myers. He and our daughter Summer will be leaving this week to get settled in. Savannah, our oldest will be heading off to college in Florida as well (we hope).
I will remain here with our youngest daughter, Ella over the next year to run 1844 House and begin the transition process to allow our talented managers to take over day to day operations. It is our hope to find someone with a passion for hospitality and a commitment to this community to buy the restaurant , and B&B and continue to provide a unique dining experience to the North Country.
We appreciate all the support that this community has given us these past 14+ years. Rest assured, our 15 dedicated staff members will be here to continue to provide you with the delicious food and great service you expect from us.
If you are interested in purchasing our business, or know someone who is, you can contact Phillip Page at NoCo Homestead LLC. Our listing can be viewed on their FaceBook and Instagram Pages.

Kind regards,

Jenny Walker

1844 House – An American Bistro

Our “American Bistro”showcases the best foods and flavors that our community, state, and country have to offer.
Each product we use has been carefully sourced and selected to ensure superior quality flavor and wholesomeness. We cook with a “simple elegant style” that allows the naturally subtle or bold flavors of the food take center stage and our artistic presentations to add elegance to each dish. Our “value perception” is based on using superior quality natural and healthy ingredients served in nutritionally balanced portions.
Come dine with us!