1844 House Bacon

Fresh Pork Belly, trimmedDry Rubbed Pork Belly (cure)Post Cure-Pepper Crusted BaconOne of things that makes dining at 1844 House so special is the passion and special attention to detail that we put into preparing our food (and in our service and atmosphere).  There are few restaurants that prepare virtually everything that comes out of their kitchen from scratch the way we do here.

Our bacon is no exception.  Some cooks think that “bacon makes everything better”.  I tend to disagree; I believe “great bacon can make many dishes better”.  Of course, I am a southern born Chef with a particular affinity for most things pork.  I am also a proponent for “snout to tail eating”, that is, total utilization with little waste.  Which comes in handy when you are purchasing pork from a local farm.  There are only so many pork chops on a hog; it is important to incorporate all the other cuts of meat into your menu so that you can help the farmer use the entire animal.

Apple wood smoked-maple sugar cured bacon Like our pork bellies, most of our pork is raised at Pat & April’s Pork in Ft. Covington, NY.  They do a great job and offer many different cuts of pork.

I use a dry rub method of curing as opposed to liquid brining, as it allows me a little more control over the sodium content and flavor.  My dry rub includes locally produced maple sugar and I usually crust the bellies with fresh ground pepper after they are done curing, but before they are air dried.  Then I cold smoke them in my smoker with apple wood from our own apple trees until they are perfect.  This process takes about 10 days to complete, but it is so worth the effort.  Our bacon is used to accent many of the things we create here from our chowders, kale salads, potato hash, warm dressings for salads, beef burgundy, etc.  We believe that putting this much effort into each ingredient produces a superior quality product.  We think you will agree.

Bon Appetite!
Chef Brian

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