Lump Crab Stuffed Shrimp

Lump Crab Stuffed ShrimpSometimes it is just so satisfying to enjoy and old classic dish.  Stuffed shrimp is on virtually every menu in south Florida where I grew up…and for a good reason; they are delicious.  The important thing about making a dish like this is to use only high quality ingredients.  In this case, we used U-15 shrimp and back fin lump crab meat.  Keep the filling simple; without a bunch of ingredients that will mask the sweet crab flavor.  For the sauce, I wanted something with a little kick; sort of like putting spicy cocktail sauce or hot sauce on your favorite seafood, so I made a spicy tomato beurre blanc using some local chili’s that I dried this fall.  I complemented the dish with some fresh brussel sprouts that I lightly blanched in hot water, then pan roasted with brown butter and some of my home made bacon lardons.  Sometimes, you don’t want trendy food, you just want great comfort food.

Bon appetite!

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