Lite Fare Menu for The Grange Hall


Lite Fare Menu

Sweet Corn Fritters
Fresh herb aioli. 6

Pommes Frites (GF)
Crisp julienne potatoes,
black truffle oil, Pecorino Romano cheese,
brandy-peppercorn dipping sauce.  8

Pub Snacks (GF)
Sea salted Marcona almonds,
crisp kale chips, mélange of olives.9
Mango Summer Roll
Crisp vegetables, mango, Asian noodles and lettuce
rolled in a rice wrapper.Spicy peanut dipping sauce.
Ahi Tuna Poke
Ponzu marinated Tuna, avocado,
pickled vegetables, sticky rice,
spicy aioli, crisp wontons. 11
Chicken Wings Confit
Squeak Creek honey, toasted sesame seeds, smoked chili molido. 10
Drunken Shrimp
Blackened shrimp, toasted garlic,
Township 7 ale, crusty baguette. 8

NY State Artisanal Cheese Selection(GF)
Truffle & sea salt mixed nuts, crostini, fruit. 12

Buffalo Style Shrimp
Crispy fried jumbo shrimp, 1844 House wing sauce, creamy Roquefort dressing. 11

Thai Pork Meatballs
Coconut red curry, fresh herbs.  8

1844 Salad (GF)
Locally grown baby greens, strawberries,
toasted walnuts, blue cheese,
maple-balsamic vinaigrette. 8

Wedge Salad
Cage free hard cooked eggs, Pat & April’s Ham, hot house grape tomatoes, fresh chives, chipotle-buttermilk ranch dressing.  8

Caesar Salad (GF)
Crisp romaine lettuce, Reggiano Parmesan, French bread croutons,
house made dressing, lemon.  8