Shrimp & Grits

As most of my regular guests know, I am a southerner.  Although I was raised in South Florida, my father is from Alabama, so I grew up loving grits.  Shrimp and grits is one of my favorite grits dishes; especially at breakfast.  Although it is an extremely satisfying appetizer on a cold winter night.

  To many southerners, grits (ground white hominy) should only be boiled in plain water, with a pat of butter, salt and pepper added at the end.  That’s probably because it is not unusual to then cover your grits with a couple of eggs fried and bacon grease & some crumbled bacon, mix it all together and eat it.  So the real flavor comes from the bacon and eggs.  Shrimp & Grits

When I prepare them, I like to enhance the grits so that they are delicious enough to stand on their own, but taste even better with a few other complementary flavors.  In this case, my grits are cooked in water with a touch of garlic, then finished with a big chunk of butter, some heavy cream, and a generous helping of cheddar cheese.  I then top them with a delicious sauce made from smoked bacon, onions, tomatoes, shrimp stock, and a touch of cream.  Along with some some blackened shrimp, this is a simple dish that is bursting with flavor and guaranteed to warm you heart and soul.

Bon Appetite!


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