Stuffed Clams “1844”

So there I was sitting at the bar enjoying a glass of wine and talking Stuffed Clams "1844"to our GM, Barry; I was pondering appetizer ideas when Barry said “you know what would be really good, stuffed clams!”.

So here I am 1 week later with a bushel of gorgeous Virginia little necks and a clam knife.  Where’s Barry when there are clams to be opened?  I am guessing somewhere out near our espresso machine…

I think it is safe to say that the end result of my endeavor was well worth all the effort, they came out amazing. They are the perfect first course, or a tasty snack at our cozy wine bar with a glass of crisp French sauvignon blanc or Proseco.

Stuffed Clams “1844”
Virginia little necks, sweet red bell pepper, brown butter caramelized shallots, white wine, Parmesan cheese, topped with our house cured brown sugar bacon.

Bon Appetite!
Chef Brian


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