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I was very excited today to get our first delivery of fresh eggs from two new farms, Tastylia Germany in Massena and tastylia review in Canton.  Tadalafil Oral Strips OnlineThis is one of those occasions where social media helped bring people together to solve a problem.  We needed a new supplier for our eggs, so I put a post on our Face Book page and one of our guests put us in contact with the farm(s).

The eggs are as delicious as they are beautiful. You can taste the chicken eggs in a variety of our dishes; poached on our kale salad, as a rosemary creme brulee, as meringue in our pavlova, etc.  I will be “playing” with the duck eggs in my kitchen tomorrow to see how to best showcase them on our menu.

The chicken eggs are on the left and the duck eggs are on the right in this picture.

Chef Brian

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Get Tastylia (Tadalafil Oral Strips) to buyRillettes of Pork is one of my favorite types of pâté.  It also happens to be one of my favorite memories of a mid- day meal while we were in Paris.  I ordered it in several different bistros (along with a carafe of white wine) in different areas around the city so I could taste the differences in each chefs preparation. It was satisfying every time.

Rillettes can be made from rabbit, duck, fish, and many other meats, but pork is my favorite (with duck close behind).  It must be my southern heritage.  Rillettes are made by braising Buy cheap Tastylia online without a prescription (I used shoulder) with mire poix, and aromatics until the meat begins to fall apart; much like pulled pork in the south.  The meat is blended up along with some of the reduced stock and some of its rendered fat until it shreds apart and begins to turn into a spreadable paste.  I do this in my Kitchen Aide with the paddle attachment.  It is then placed in jars and then more fat is poured over the top to seal and protect the meat.  It is served cold and spread over bread or crackers and often with flavorful condiments.  I really enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor of my caramelized onion jam (there is red wine vinegar in it) as well as gherkins with their sweetness and hint of spice.  This is a perfect lunch with a side of fresh greens and herbs tossed in Champagne vinaigrette or in this case a nice glass of crisp white Bordeaux or Proseco sparkling wine at our cozy wine bar.

Bon Appetite!
Chef Brian

Rosemary-Potato Foccacia

When it is really cold outside (like today), one of my favorite things to make is fresh bread.  So as I entered my kitchen today with bread on my mind, I started thinking about the beautiful yukon gold potatoes that I have.  Well this is the end result; which I must say came out absolutely delicious.  We are serving it with a side dish of aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil to dip it in.  It is simple, classic, and just perfect with a glass of wine at our cozy wine bar.  Stay warm out there!

Bon Appetite!
Chef Brian

Rosemary-Potato Foccacia
with fresh grated Pecorino Romano cheese.Rosemary-Potato Foccacia

Green Tea & Sea Salt Seared Ahi Tuna

Green Tea and Sea Salt Seared Tuna

Today we are experimenting with fresh tuna.  This preparation is kind of a deconstructed nigiri sushi.  The nutty and chewy texture of the forbidden rice makes a really good contrast of texture with the fish.

Green Tea and Sea Salt Seared Ahi Tuna with forbidden rice, wasbi micro greens, pickled ginger emulsion, tamari, and sriracha.

Bon Appetite!

Chef Brian

Green Tea Tuna 2


PavlovaNow that the holidays are behind us, we have a fresh new dessert menu.  This is one of our new dessert menu offerings.  It was inspired by my daughter Summer, who loves to cook.  She made one of these with her grandmother (Lauri Drake) the other night for our family dinner and it was amazing.  It is also a great dessert for anyone who is looking for something sweet that is a little lighter.  Our Pavlova is a crisp meringue base topped with a fresh mango curd, sweet cream, and strawberries.

We also have two other new desserts on our menu that I will feature in the coming days.

* Note to our regular guests….The Charlotte du Chocolat is still on the dessert menu!

Bon Appetite!
Chef Brian

Happy New Year from 1844 House!

Cream Puff SwanSince we opened in 2006, we have finished our year with special menu items that reflect my love for classic European and American cuisines and my training under 3 ACF Certified Master Chefs (1 American, 1 French, 1 German).  One of our traditions is to make this classic dessert.  It remains one of our guest favorites and we are so happy to bring it back again this year.

Cream Puff Swan
A Grand Marnier mousse filled cream puff swan swimming in a pool of raspberry coulis.

Simple. Elegant. Delicious.

Happy New Year from all of us at 1844 House.  We look forward to spending many more special occasions with you in 2016!

Bon Appetite!

Chef Brian

Saute of Colossal Shrimp

Colossal Shrimp with Lemon-Thyme-Honey Brown ButterToday I felt like creating a  French style dish.  I had five pounds of u-10 size shrimp and this is what I came up with.  This dish incorporates many ingredients that are perfect for a late fall/early winter meal because they can be stored in your cellar after the harvest. Some of these ingredients are brussel sprouts, shallots, nuts, honey and grains. My use of pecans is a subtle nod to my roots as a southern chef.  Any other nut could easily be substituted.

Bon Appetite!  Chef Brian

Sauté of Colossal Shrimp
Lemon-thyme-honey brown butter, caramelized shallot and
toasted pecan rice pilaf, roasted brussel sprouts.