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A Visit to M & M Egg Farm

One of the great things about having a farm to table restaurant in an agricultural community, is my ability to visit the farms that produce the foods we serve.  This past week, I had the good fortune to take my daughters on a ride to Massena, NY to visit Matt and Michelle at M&M Eggs.  The purpose of our visit was two fold; first to purchase some chicks for our girls to raise at our home over the summer and secondly for me to tour the farm and check on the flocks of ducks that they are raising for the restaurant.

We were fortunate that the rain held off while we toured the farm.  It has rained nearly everyday for the past few weeks.  Matt took some time off from his evening chores to educate me on the different breeds and methods he uses to raise his beautiful birds.

There are few ingredients in the kitchen that are more important and versatile as the egg.  We use them in so many different ways and in so many preparations.  That is why it is so important that we get the best quality eggs available.  M&M supplies us with not only chicken eggs, but duck eggs as well.  You can see them used through out our seasonal menus.  We often build entire dishes around them.

Flock of ducks at M&M Farm These are a few of the ducks that they are raising for us.  It is such a gift to have access to fresh ducks, especially ones that are raised free range with out growth hormones or antibiotics (just like their chickens and turkeys). Our first batch of ducks will be ready for processing in just 2 weeks.  They will transport our birds to a USDA inspected facility to be processed.  This adds a layer of protection to be sure that we are serving healthy birds, and is required by the NYSDOH in order for us to serve them to our guests.

M&M Eggs sells eggs and birds to people all over our area. If you are looking for fresh eggs, birds to raise at home, or a Thanksgiving turkey, I highly recommend that you contact them. You can contact them via their website M&M Eggs, and a Face Book Page.

Happy Eating!  Chef Brian